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TERFRISA has its origins in the 60s

And its main activity includes the slaughter of pigs, sheep and cattle, as well as its quartering and marketing.


TERFRISA has constantly adapted to the demands of the markets as well as to regulations of local, national and international authorities, which favors the consolidation of existing markets, as for the opening of new ones. TERFRISA is currently exporting to clients from over 40 different countries.



TERFRISA is located in an important pig production area and is communicated directly with major lines of communication infrastructures, which facilitates national and international distribution of our products and broadens considerably our scope of action.



TERFRISA has qualified and properly trained workers in order to ensure that our products are processed and issued with the maximum health guarantees


TERFRISA disposes of first-rate technology allowing us to obtain an increasing productive capacity and gaining in speed, control and efficiency. Moreover, the increase of our warehouse space guarantees greater stock capacity and a more flexible and faster response to customer orders.




TERFRISA's mission is to provide high-quality meat products at competitive prices and we are strongly committed to the continuous improvement of our production and service processes, in order to meet the needs of our customers.


TERFRISA defines its vision as what it wants to achieve in terms of maximum sustainability, quality and growth whilst being a dynamic, effective and sustainable organization.



The values that define TERFRISA revolve around a culture of success based on the quick response to the needs of our customers and consumers and the company’s commitment to quality, reliability and action orientation.