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TERFRISA is one of the leading companies in the meat industry with over 50 years of experience in pig meat, sheep and cattle and with strong security and quality-oriented values.


TERFRISA has inaugurated in March 2014 the new production center of Vilamalla,  which brings together the latest technological and healthcare advances, as well as being implemented with the highest standards of environmental care, landscape integration and energy saving .


We PROPOSE a wide range of meat products that respond to the needs of our customers, within the framework of the fulfillment of the highest standards of food safety and production.  


We CONVEY our experience and professionalism on all levels of production and trading, providing our customers with an efficient infrastructure and organization that ensures the distribution of our products in the best conditions of efficiency and quality. 


We SEEK the highest quality in all stages of marketing and commercialization, from the selection of livestock, until the perfect product packaging, taking into consideration the guidelines of our clients.