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The Group


TERFRISA arising from the merger FRIGOTER and FRIDASA

TERFRISA is a new business project arising from the merger of two large meat processing companies: Frigoríficos del Ter, S. A. (FRIGOTER) and Frigorífics de l’Empordà, S. A. (FRIDASA). The merger of the two companies means that the Figueres and Salt production centers have been moved to new state-of-the-art facilities in Vilamalla, where the entire production process, logistics and organisation of the group is based.


TERFRISA is formed by:


•     Frigoríficos del Ter, SA (FRIGOTER): pigmeat and semi-finished products.

•     Frigorífics de l’Empordà, SA (FRIDASA): pigmeat and semi-finished products

•     Carns Figueres: beef, sheep and  semi-finished products

•     Fricash: HORECA sector and ultimate consumer