The quality of the production process

The alimentary security has transformed in the last years in one of the priorities to world-wide level so much of the companies and of the consumers.

The security of our process of preparation and the satisfaction of our customers are our aims.

The hygienic design of our installations guarantees the fulfillment of the different sanitary rules of all the countries where are exporting at present and the fulfillment of the standards of alimentary security. Desde The opening of the plant have implanted the system of alimentary security as the norm IFS and BRC.

The aim that pursue the norms IFS and BRC, is to guarantee the correct implantation and development of a system of Quality. Of this shape, knows accurately that the products of our company are totally certain.

This allow that our products can be exported to different countries to all the mon fulfilling with the maxims exigències of cadascun of them.